Guy Fieri And Mario Batali Walked Into Roberta’s…


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Twitter accounts blew up yesterday with a a rare sighting equivalent to Bigfoot meeting Even-Biggerfoot: Mario Batali at famed Bushwick pizzeria Roberta’s, having brunch with his sons…and Guy Fieri.

The internet couldn’t believe their eyes, as Eater NY reports, and wondered for a moment if Roberta’s had started experimenting with shrooms. But then Instagram confirmed (as seen above), as did Mario Batali in a Real Tweet from his Real Account:

To be fair, we can totally imagine Mario Batali and Guy Fieri being friends in real life (though Joe Bastianich is probably all “Mario, don’t bring that fake Italian ’round my house no more,”), but the question remains: what possessed them to have their brunch in Bushwick, a.k.a. Judgement Junction? Why did Batali find it okay to expose his sweet, innocent boys to Donkey Sauce? Why does Fieri look like he fell into a vat of chemicals after being chased by Batman?  Can you put Donkey Sauce on a pizza? Was this brunch the equivalent of Nixon visiting China? Who is Nixon in that simile?

Was this a massive troll by the two of them to freak out hipsters (if yes, well played)? Why do we have so many questions? This brunch outing has broken our brains.

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