Last Call: French People Don’t Understand Your Bizarre American Kale Obsession

New York Times: French people don’t get kale because they already eat balanced meals. So one poor, kale-loving American ex-pat is taking it upon herself to become Paris’ — you guessed it — Kale Crusader.

Facebook: Was your Twitter feed curiously free of Emmys food porn last night? That’s because Wolfgang Puck compiled all his HBO afterparty photos into a Facebook album, for your easy perusal.

USA Today: As it turns out, it’s not that hard to hide a pregnancy as a judge on Top Chef. Just eat around the raw proteins and ask Colicchio for his opinions on them instead.

Eatocracy: The list of restaurants banishing children continues to grow; we continue to wonder where we will hone the snobbish palates of our future progeny…

Huffington Post: In a collaboration with Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape for their line AAPE, Pepsi ran this ad, which no one seemed to recognize as a font fail, until it wound up on Reddit.

Eater: Feeling suuuper left-out and jealous of all the chefs in your Twitter feed attending Feast PDX 2013? Eater has a handy Hangover Observations roundup to help you feel like you, too, were there singing karaoke with Francis Lam!

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