WATCH: Mario Batali Garlic Breath-Bombs The Anchors of GMA

Among the oft-whined-about #anchorpersonproblems are all those cooking segments they have to endure when a chef forces them to take a big, garlicky bite of some savory something or other that they’ve whipped up, for the money shot at the end of the demo where a Beautiful Person moans after taking a bite of their delicious recipe to prove that it really is good and you should be making this at home, too.

The rule on Good Morning America is that everyone in the segment must take a bite of garlic food so that everyone is equally offensive-smelling. This is also a rule on dates, FYI. Equal intensity of garlic breath is key to maintaining friendly relations.

However, when Mario Batali showed up on GMA this morning to demonstrate his easy-peasy Everything You Own In A Blender To the Left Gazpacho, Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott rose to the challenge of a boldly-flavored morning meal. It’s a bloody mary, essentially!

Lara dove right in with an enthusiastic dump-and-stir, committed to the garlic breath she knew was coming, and Josh dutifully took a big bite of the finished product in camaraderie with his garlic-finger-stricken co-anchor.

Check out the clip below.

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