Maxim Editor: Contrary To Reports, Guy Fieri Was Not Kicked Out Of Our Super Bowl Party

What do Guy Fieri and The New Orleans Superbowl have in common? We’ll recant our last joke from our last article, in which we reported a rumor about Fieri having a meltdown after being barred from a Super Bowl party, because it no longer applies. Apparently he did not have a meltdown.

And the person offering this rebuttal is an editor at Maxim Magazine, which threw the party.

“According to an unnamed source (can you think of a more reliable source?), Maxim’s good pal Guy Fieri was asked to leave our bash,” Dan Bova, Chief Content Officer at, wrote. “As the person who invited him and spent a good portion of the weekend having beer poured down my throat by him, I can assure you that this is complete B.S. (That stands for bullshit.)”

As proof, he offered photos of Fieri hamming it up on the red carpet (like the one above). “Look at the smile on that dude’s face,” he said. “Let me assure you that things only got happier from there.

“Oh, and while I have you, as for the other rumor that Guy and I are having a love child,” he coyly added, “I’ll just say no comment for now…”

Really?! We heard you already had the baby. In fact, we also have photos of it:

Congratulations to the happy couple.

[Maxim via Eater]

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