WATCH: Rachael Ray & Guy Fieri Imitate Anchorman In Painful ‘Improv’ Bit With Wayne Brady

Guys, did you know that Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri love Anchorman? Because, they’re like, totally obsessed. They text each other quotes from the movie like, all. the. time. and obvs Rach is Veronica Corningstone and Guy is Ron Burgundy, and no, it’s totally hilarious! Rachael even inscribed a leather cuff she gifted Guy once “From: Veronica.” Aren’t they cute? They’re the cutest.

So, with Wayne Brady as the guest on today’s The Rachael Ray Show, promoting the Whose Line Is It Anyway? revamp, and Guy Fieri co-hosting, what better improv game to play than Newsflash?

Rachael and Guy manage to crack themselves up, although Wayne is much more talented at masking the obviously scripted jokes they were given to recite. Check out their cringe-worthy Anchorman impressions below.

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