Tyler Florence Hosts Instagram Group Therapy, Heals Surly Commenter

Doesn’t it suck when a much younger and prettier person gets a promotion over you? Or when that one total newbie all of a sudden becomes the industry darling and you’re left with several years of experience and nothing to show for it? Regardless of how talented they are, it can be a bitter pill to swallow, but lucky for us, Tyler Florence is on Instagram with a spoonful of armchair psychology to sweeten our outlook on a cruel and unfair world.

Basically, Tyler Instagrammed a photo of himself with child prodigy chef Flynn McGarry, who is currently staging at Eleven Madison Park, hosted a cooking segment on Today earlier this week with Daniel Boulud as his sous chef, and — oh did we mention — is fourteen years old.

In addition to the typical “wow”s, some bored housewives gushing over how sexy Florence looked in his hipster glasses, and a particularly creepy lady claiming that Flynn was her new celebrity chef crush (fourteen, ladies and gentlemen), one commenter drummed up quite a bit of attention. Writes @katefnbarry in a string of replies that read like a Hell’s Kitchen casting application:

how about some love for the tough bitches that are underrated but overlooked cause “who gives a fuck?” .. Yes he is 12 but he is t[alented?]

Isn’t old enough to throw Jameson and take burns like I can. Roots for chicks in man places… Ones who like roses and pedis but can still kick your ass and take burns cause it feels good!

He is apparently the next “best thing” if you live and die by celebritism in chefdom

I don’t. I’m a piece of shit sous/ line chef that has worked my ass off and never relayed on a tv check.

Fuck kids. Sorry. Good for him but way too soon.

Obviously, she got lots of “bitter, much?” responses, but Tyler put on his professor glasses and played psychiatrist. He wrote back:

@katefnbarry <- getting mad is healthy. If you are not happy with what line you are standing in, just change. Stand in a different line. Clarify your thoughts. Organize your priorities as a professional and change direction.... Today. Life is way to short to be unhappy, or unfulfilled. Getting mad about a situation often unlocks your emotions so you can see them clearly, in full light. The brave step forward and take chances. The next step is yours.

After some soul-searching and maybe a hangover breakfast, she responded to Tyler and her fellow group circle critics:

you’re all right, few too gin and tonics and feelings of self pity is not a good look for me. Point taken by all. Looking ahead to a better today. Tyler I think it’s admirable to inspire our next generation of passionate chefs that do it for the right reasons.

And then all the haters were like, “Hey, lady! No worries! Happens to the best of us! Chin up!” What?! Did that just happen?

…Uh, well, it looks like we all made some breakthroughs here, today. Thanks, Tyler. See you next week. (Keep the glasses; they’re very therapist-y.)

[Instagram h/t Eater]

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