WATCH: Jose Andres Spreads Joy And Happiness At Harvard

There are so many other things that we have to do here at The Braiser today, but it was incredibly difficult to tear ourselves away from Jose Andres’s lecture at the Harvard Food and Science Lectures. Even though he’s technically there to talk about gelation and heat transfer, he decides at the outset that he’s not going to talk about that at all. Instead, he speaks, energetically (and almost hyperactively) about the much more fascinating conflict between science and food — namely, molecular gastronomers versus the farm-to-table crew. Also, there’s an entire speech on the history of food science, from Brillat-Savarin to today. Also, it’s Jose Andres.

Even more amazing: he does no actual cooking and still he’s engaging throughout. We’re calling it: Jose Andres is a being of pure magic and light, spreading happiness and joy like a Spanish unicorn who smells of pimenton.

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