California Waiter Fired From Restaurant After Allegedly Asking Diners for ‘Proof of Residency’


A restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA has been attracting online interest after a worker there was recently let go for supposedly asking patrons for “proof of residency” before letting them place orders.

Diana Carrillo went for a night out at the Saint Marc Pub-Cafe a week ago, where she and her companions ordered drinks after sitting down. According to statement she posted on Facebook, Carrillo’s party was shocked when the waiter asked them to prove that they were U.S. citizens:

Carrillo and her party left the restaurant after confronting a manager about the exchange, and she posted her anger about the employee’s “discriminatory actions.” The waiter for Carrillo’s table was fired, and the restaurant has offered an apologetic statement picked up by Fox 11.

This very unfortunate incident has been handled internally through the termination of the employee at fault. We also contacted the guest and plan to donate 10 percent of this weekend’s sales to the charity of her choice, Orange County Immigrant Youth United. In no way are the actions of this former employee representative of the Saint Marc brand nor are they reflective of the opinions of anyone else on our team, including executive management. We have always celebrated being part of the diverse Huntington Beach community, which means valuing all guests and treating every individual with respect.

Kent Berden, the restaurant’s senior director, said the waiter told him that he asked the question “in a joking fashion.” Even so, OC Register reports that Berden said the waiter’s actions were not in line with the restaurant’s code of conduct.

“The individual didn’t follow corporate policy by any stretch of the imagination,” Berden said.

Watch above, via Fox 11.

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