WATCH: How Animators Got Kevin Gillespie To Appear As S&M Rapist Trucker On Archer

Weeks ago, Top Chef fan favorite Kevin Gillespie revealed that he would make a cameo on Archer, the most messed-up animated show currently airing on FX — and last night, he made his cartoon appearance…as a murderous, cross-dressing, S&M trucker. “But Kevin was so nice!” you might think, aghast. “But Kevin looks like Yukon Cornelius! Why does he look like a character from a John Waters-meets-Road-Warriors torture porn?”

For some unknown reason, chefs really like Archer: Anthony Bourdain’s slated to make an appearance this season, and Alton Brown can be found on the Season 3 DVD. Since both Gillespie and the Archer studios are both based in Atlanta, it makes sense that they’d ask the chef to cameo, and executive producer Matt Thompson revealed to Vulture why they approached Gillespie:

 Some of the best meals of my life have been in his restaurants, and I wanted to repay the favor and put him in the show. Of course, it didn’t turn out to be that much of a “favor” when we put his head on the body of a transvestite rapist. To his credit, Kevin was incredibly game for it all, and we really had a great time at his photo shoot and voice recordings. It didn’t make it in the show, but he did this whole riff singing a Molly Hatchet song as he was driving the truck. It was pretty great, but we felt it went on too long for air. Kevin is about to open a new restaurant in Atlanta called GUNSHOW. If that does not say trucker chef, I don’t know what does.

And even though Gillespie was adamant that only his face and voice (not body) appeared in this episode, we applaud his willingness to appear in a bustier — and find his high heels disturbingly sexy.

Watch below!

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