‘A Great Day for Humanity’: Pfizer CEO Says He’s ‘Very, Very, Very Confident’ after Vaccine Breakthrough, Aiming for 1.3 Billion Doses in 2021


“It is a great day for science. It is a great day for humanity.”

Those were the words of Pfizer CEO Albert Boula, following the announcement of his company’s breakthrough in Phase 3 coronavirus vaccine trials — which show 90 percent efficacy.

Boula appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday to celebrate the news.

“When you realize that your vaccine has a 90 percent effectiveness, that’s overwhelming,” Boula said. “You understand that the hopes of billions of people, and millions of businesses, and hundreds of governments that were felt on our shoulders. Now, we can credibly tell them: I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Pfizer chief executive went on to lay out his goals for production schedule.

“We already started manufacturing some time back,” Boula said. He added, “We believe we should be able to have up to 50 million [vaccine doses] this year, 1.3 billion next year.”

Later in the interview, CNBC host Joe Kernan asked whether people should temper their enthusiasm about the news.

“I don’t want everything to get ahead of itself,” Kernen said. “And I’m wondering, what are we missing in terms of, of something that could pop our bubble down the road? Is there anything you could think of that could come out?”

Boula said that the results of the Phase 3 trials have him convinced that the vaccine is effective.

“We feel very, very, very confident about the efficacy,” Boula said. “Because it’s overwhelming.”

Watch above, via CNBC.

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