Ben Shapiro Doubts Sexual Assault Allegations Because ‘Nobody Has Yet Described Kavanaugh’s Genitalia’


Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro cast doubt on the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh because “nobody has yet described Kavanaugh’s genitalia” in any of the published accounts of the incidents.

This lack of “corroborating details” in the three separate allegations against Kavanaugh, Shapiro claims, undermines their veracity. In fact, he seemed dumbfounded that no one had yet offered specific characteristics of Kavanaugh’s penis, even though there are now two different accounts where it had been thrust onto the hands of women at college parties at Yale.

“We have had a bevy of public figures in recent years who have had their genitalia described on national television by people who allege sexual assault. Stormy Daniels famously described President Trump’s genitalia, Bill Clinton’s genitalia, details of such were talked about,” Shapiro said, citing two examples.

“Now that’s not dispositive,” Shapiro quickly acknowledged. “Maybe [Kavanaugh’s penis was] generic, who knows?”

Shapiro went on to dismiss the latest allegation — denied by Kavanaugh — contained in a new book by two New York Times reporters that alleges a male witnessed another friend grab and assault a woman with Kavanaugh’s penis during a party when they were all in college. However, the book notes that the alleged victim does not recall the attack. A botched Times essay that excerpted this claim from the book, but which initially left out this key context of the victim’s inability to remember it, has unleashed a firestorm of criticism about the claim.

“It seems like you might remember that incident,” Shapiro claimed. “If you’re a female innocently sitting at a party and some dude comes up and takes someone else’s junk and thrusts it into your hand, it feels like that might be memorable.”

Watch the video above, via Daily Wire. 

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