Bill de Blasio Blasts Trump’s Relationship with Putin as ‘Full Blown Treason’


New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio blasted President Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, accusing Trump of being guilty of “full blown treason” with the Russian President.

Speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, de Blasio picked up where he left off in Wednesday night’s first round of Democratic primary debates, where he torched Russia for its interference in the 2016 elections and he alone named the country as the US’s greatest geopolitical threat. “They are trying to undermine our democracy and they’re doing a pretty damn good job of it and we need to stop them,” he said.

De Blasio’s latest comments came in response to Trump dismissively telling reporters on Wednesday that any one-on-one discussions he has with Putin at the upcoming G-20 summit in Japan are “none of your business.” His inflammatory and unsubstantiated claim ironically mirrors the incendiary rhetoric of Trump himself, who has also lobbed the occasional charge of “treason” at political opponents based on no evidence.

“I think when it comes to Vladimir Putin, the president started in a place that was treasonous, now it is full blown treason,” de Blasio said. “We heard that interview in the Oval Office when he literally invited hostile foreign nations, including Russia, for finding dirt on his political opponents. I think the inference was ‘Find the dirt, make a deal. I’ll take care of you if you take care of me.’ It gets worse and worse.

“They’re a threat, must be dealt with, it begins with the President of the United States that understands this guy, Putin, was a KGB operative,” de Blasio added, before doubling down on the treason accusation. “Look what they did in Ukraine, another example of why w cannot allow Russia to keep expanding to other countries. That’s something America never would have allowed in the past. We have to stop that now. Yeah, it is time for the president to be held fully responsible for the fact he is literally in a treasonous relationship with Vladimir Putin.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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