Cenk Uygur Mocks Kayleigh McEnany’s What-Aboutism on Trump’s Foreign Dirt Comments: ‘Squirrel!’


On CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur mocked Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany’s incessant deflections away from Trump’s controversial comments about the FBI and accepting foreign oppo research: “We’re talking about how the president of the United States said you shouldn’t work with the FBI and she is going ‘Squirrel!'”

President Donald Trump re-election campaign was clearly still in damage control on Thursday, trying to distract from his disastrous ABC News interview earlier in the week where he disparaged the FBI and all but welcomed a repeat of the foreign interference that marred the 2016 presidential election. Throughout the segment on CNN, McEnany refused to address the consequences of Trump’s statements and instead repeatedly tried to bring up the Steele dossier, which, it should be noted, former British spy Christopher Steele brought directly to the FBI.

“The reason he never admits to any faults even though they’re obvious and brazen is he’s incredibly weak and insecure,” Uygur said. “So a strong and competent person knows when they did something wrong and says it. The reason Donald Trump said ‘I never go to the FBI’ is he’s a lifelong criminal.”

McEnany tried to push back, falsely claiming Trump never said that. But both Uygur and Chris Cuomo corrected her.

“He said first I would break the law,” Uygur countered. “So once he receives that information, he’s already broken the law. It’s like saying I would rob the bank and then I would go to the police and tell them I robbed the bank. Well, you still go to jail.”

McEnany’s response to begin called out on the facts? Change the subject again.

“Since you’re obsessed with criminal activity that doesn’t exist in the Trump administration,” McEnany said, “do you at all care about the Russian misinformation from a Russian Kremlin official paid for by the DNC or do you just not care because it’s the DNC?”

“Do you know what you like to do?” Uygur responded. “Deflection.”

Cuomo pointed out that the campaign law at issue involves foreign contributions not expenditures to foreign sources, making McEnany’s Steele dossier critique irrelevant. Nevertheless, she soldiered on with more what-aboutism.

“You’re saying it’s better to pay for Russian misinformation than listen to a foreign power and also inform the FBI. I would argue that paying for Russian misinformation is pretty darn bad,” she said.

“Look at what she is trying to do; shift the debate,” Uygur pointed out. “We’re talking about how the president of the United States said you shouldn’t work with the FBI and she is going squirrel.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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