Chris Hayes Calls Out ‘Culture War Virtue Signaling’ Among Trump Supporters Who Refuse to Wear Masks: ‘There Is Nothing Stupider!’


Chris Hayes ripped into the spiteful, “culture war virtue signaling” that has arisen among some Trump supporters and conservatives, where refusing to wear a face mask has become a kind of right-wing badge of honor despite the public health risks associated with that behavior.

After President Donald Trump said he had made a personal decision to never wear a mask while at a Rose Garden event hailing the administration’s push for a Covid-19 vaccine — as Dr. Anthony Fauci, standing behind him, wore one — Hayes noted the troubling example being set by the president’s very stubborn refusal to follow this basic public health guidance.

“You might have noticed, also, that not wearing a mask has kind of become a sort of weird, culture war virtue signaling by Trump people,” Hayes observed, pointing to Republican congressmen, anti-lockdown protestors, and one Florida man who taunted “commies in Blue States” by posting a video of a crowded bar where no one was wearing a mask — which Trump retweeted on Wednesday night.

“These people are very much in the minority,” Hayes emphasized, showing some of the consistent polls that find a vast majority of Americans support wearing of face masks in public as well as other social distancing and self-quarantine rules. “But for Donald Trump’s own stated aims, and for the stated aims of those protestors, and all the right-wingers out there who think they’re the vanguard of opening up America and getting American capitalism cracking again, there is nothing stupidernothing more counterproductive you can do…than turn not wearing a mask into some right-wing badge of honor.”

Hayes then pointed to that very phenomenon in Rush Limbaugh’s Friday show, where the right-wing radio host openly mocked Fauci’s decision to wear a mask during the White House event.

“The mask is your friend, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, protestors” Hayes pointed out, not without some acid in his tone. “If the state goal here is to open up the American economy and get people back to work and achieve some level of normalcy — something we all desperately want — then there is really good evidence that everyone wearing a mask can really help us in that project.”

Then, after running through the huge cost to the country and the world in terms of economic disaster  and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, Hayes noted that there is ample evidence from countries that have already beaten back the virus that one simple step can make a significant difference.

“The easiest, lowest hanging fruit to make things at least somewhat better, the smallest, most trivia thing is: let’s all wear masks.”

Watch the video above, via MSBNC.

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