Chris Wallace Jokes About CNN+ Demise During Guy Fieri Interview: ‘This Is My One Show – I Almost Lost It A Few Months Ago’


CNN anchor Chris Wallace joked with celebrity cheftepreneur Guy Fieri about the demise of CNN+, telling his guest to take care on the set of his one and only show because “I almost lost it a few months ago.”

The latest interviews from Wallace’s series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace — released on HBO Max in full on Friday morning — feature Fieri, broadcasting legend Dick Ebersol, and Hollywood star George Clooney.

Fieri shows sometimes seem to make up about 98.4% of Food Network’s schedule, a fact that Wallace was referencing when he joked that he only has the one show, and “almost lost it” when CNN’s streaming project went belly-up in record time this spring:

Chris Wallace – Okay. So let me make it clear. This is my one series. This is my one studio. This is my one set. So we need to be very careful with it. Because I almost lost it a few months ago is as we all know, right? How many series do you have on the Food Network and Discovery Plus, now?

Guy Fieri – I think I have five shows. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives which is kind of the — I think we’ll be doing that one forever. I’ll be doing that in a walker. Guy’s Grocery Games, which we shoot up in the wine country, Northern California. Guy’s Ranch Kitchen that we shoot at my ranch that features chefs from all over the country. We have Tournament of Champions, which is probably the most — I mean, the most out of control, most difficult culinary competition I think there’s ever been. And now we have, now we have this. How many is that? 16?

Chris Wallace – I think it was six.

Wallace also asked Fieri how many shows he’s had altogether, and joked, “You don’t have to list them, because it’ll really make me feel bad.”

Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace drops three full episodes each Friday morning, and CNN airs a version recapping highlights of the episodes every Sunday at 7 pm.

Watch above via HBO Max and CNN.

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