CNN: Bolton Was Very Concerned Trump ‘Caves Too Much’ to Dictators like Kim Jong Un


Just ousted National Security Adviser John Bolton was reportedly about President Donald Trump’s diplomatic abilities and felt that he “caves too much” in meetings with totalitarian leaders like North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

According to a White House source, CNN’s Jim Acosta told Anderson Cooper that the friction over foreign policy between Bolton and Trump had been building for some time. So, when the rift between the two over Trump’s abrupt decision to bring the Taliban to Camp David for peace talks just days before 9/11 became public, it was the last straw for the president. Although, it’s not still exactly clear who initiated Bolton’s departure from the White House.

“I talked to a source close to the White House who said that the president has been complaining about John Bolton wanting to, quote, ‘start a war’ since the beginning of his tenure as National Security Adviser,” Acosta reported. The distrust between Trump and his infamously hawkish adviser was apparently mutual.

“The source also close to the White House shed some light on Bolton’s thinking in all of this,” Acosta added. “Bolton is very concerned about the president’s desire to have a meeting with the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani. According to this source close to the White House, John Bolton is worried that the president, quote, ‘caves too much’ in his meetings with these dictators like Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea, and others that the president has met with over the last three years of this administration.”

Watch the video above, via CNN. 

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