CNN’s Jim Sciutto Wants No Part of Story About Onlookers Kissing Nun Who’s Been Dead for Four Years: ‘Not Touching That Story’


While the town of Gower, Missouri had thousands of onlookers hoping to see the remains of a dead nun, CNN’s Jim Sciutto was not sharing in the excitement.

On the Monday edition of CNN’s News Central, anchor Boris Sanchez covered the story of Catholics making the pilgrimage to see the remains of a nun who died in 2019.

“Thousands of Catholics are flocking to Gower, Missouri to view the body of a deceased nun which appears to show no signs of decay, though she’s been dead for some years,” Sanchez said.

“The Catholic News Agency reports that Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was 95 years old when she passed away in 2019. It says her body was recently exhumed so it could be moved inside a chapel at the convent she founded,” Sanchez added. “When they opened her wooden coffin, the nun’s remains were found to be intact, even though her body had not been embalmed. The discovery prompting widespread interest.”

CNN aired a package showing some of the hopeful onlookers talking about the experience being “rare” and “powerful.”

“Visitors are being given limited opportunities to touch and even kiss the deceased nun’s body, Jim,” Sanchez said, talking to Sciutto.

“Not touching that story,” Sciutto said promptly before moving on to a story about disgraced biotech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes.

According to local news outlet KCTV5, the nun’s body will be on display only until the end of day on Monday.

Watch above via CNN’s News Central.

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