CNN Guest Goes Rogue When Discussing Prison Life for Elizabeth Holmes: ‘She Might End Up Being Somebody’s Girlfriend’


CNN’s segment on disgraced biotech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes went south Monday afternoon when a guest made a bizarre suggestion for her last day at home before reporting to jail.

Holmes, who will report to a prison in Texas on Tuesday, is set to serve 11 years for defrauding investors with her blood-testing company Theranos.

On Monday’s edition of CNN’s News Central with anchor Boris Sanchez, the show hosted Larry Levine, who was described as a “consultant who helps future inmates transition to prison life.”

Levine, who donned a shirt covered in American flags and sunglasses, began the segment by predicting that Holmes should expect to be treated like a “scumbag,” in the facility.

Levine detailed Holmes’ potential life inside the prison which he said would be drastically different from her current day-to-day schedule. When asked what she should be doing on her last day of freedom, things took a bizarre turn.

“Three things. I’m gonna get a little crude here. She should spend some time with her kids, for sure. She should have a good meal and maybe she should have sex with her husband because she’s gonna be having–she might end up being somebody’s girlfriend in there because she’s not a bad-looking woman,” Levine said as Sanchez laughed.

“Ok, Larry,” Sanchez said. “Though we appreciate your advice I’m not sure it’s the best for an afternoon on Memorial Day. Thank you so much for the time. Again, appreciate the shirt. Thanks for sharing part of your holiday with us, Larry. We do appreciate it.”

“Certainly. Bye-bye,” Levine said with a straight face.

Watch above via CNN.

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