CNN’s John King Rages Against ‘Bullsh*t’ Attack on NBC’s Peter Alexander: What Trump Did ‘Is Reprehensible’


CNN anchor John King was moved to profanity by President Donald Trump’s sustained attack on NBC News’ Peter Alexander at a coronavirus briefing, which King referred to as “bullshit” live on the air.

Following Friday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, King discussed Trump’s outburst — sparked by Alexander asking if the president is offering false hope to Americans — with CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins.

King played the clip of Trump’s tirade, then said “I sat in that room for just shy of 10 years, it was a perfectly valid question,” adding “What the president did to Peter Alexander is reprehensible.”

“The American people are looking for answers, they do want hope, they do want support, Mr. President. That was a very fair question,” he repeated, then tossed to Collins by saying “Kaitlin, this is a Trump trademark, it was striking that this came, this, forgive me, bullshit attack on fake news came just moments after the Secretary of State said the American people needed to be careful about where they get their information, and go to sources they can trust.”

“I get there at times disagreements, there are times contention between politicians and reporters,” King continued. “That was a 100% legitimate question with no hype, no shade, no bias, he just wanted to attack.”

“Yeah and we’re living in a pandemic, and people have questions and they want to hear messages from the president of the United States,” Collins said, then pointed out the Vice President Mike Pence got the same question and “responded very differently, instead telling Americans to be vigilant. He did not have any issues with that question the way that the president did.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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