Fauci Hails ‘Established Individuals’ on Biden’s Covid Task Force: ‘Of Course They Are Qualified’


Dr. Anthony Fauci gave his implicit stamp of approval on the 13 members named to be part of President-Elect Joe Biden’s new Covid-19 advisory board, calling them “established individuals” who he has worked with for years.

Fauci was asked about the Biden transition team’s coronavirus experts during an appearance on CNN’s Situation Room on Monday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Biden had named a number of epidemiologists and other public health experts to a panel that would guide his administration’s campaign to fight an out-of-control pandemic that is spiking over 120,000 news positive cases a day.

“Let me ask you this about the team the President-Elect is putting together. You know all of these people,” host Wolf Blitzer noted. “What are the choices tell you about how the incoming administration is going to approach this continuing crisis even if there is a vaccine? It’s going to be with us, sadly, for a while.

“Well, they are all established individuals,” Fauci said. of the list includes former FDA Commissioner David Kessler and chief the nation’s vaccine development agency, Rick Bright. “I mean, obviously, you could not possibly be in the business that I and my colleagues are in without knowing each other. These are people that have been involved in this for years and years. Of course, I know them. I know them well. Anyone who is in the field knows them. That is not a surprise.”

Fauci comments stand in contrast to he his fractious relationship with Trump’s new Covid adviserScott Atlas, a radiologist, who has repeatedly undermined mask wearing and social distancing.

“But you admire them, you think they are qualified and all that, I assume?” Blitzer pressed.

“Yeah. Of course, of course,” Fauci affirmed. “They are colleagues of mine. They are people that I’ve been dealing with for years and years. Of course, they are qualified. They are qualified colleagues.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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