Fmr Dem Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Claims Barr Behavior This Week ‘Raises the Level of Confidence’ in His Party About DOJ


Former Democratic House member Harold Ford Jr. said Attorney General Bill Barr’s actions this week helped restore the Justice Department’s reputation and “raises the level of confidence” among those in his party about the DOJ’s fairness.

Speaking with Fox News’ Bret Baier, Ford cited Barr’s public pushback on Trump’s Tweets, as well as DOJ decisions related to Andrew McCabe and Michael Flynn cases as proof the attorney general was re-exerting the agency’s independence from President Donald Trump.

However, those complimentary comments by Ford, a centrist Democrat who last served in Congress 13 years ago, starkly contrasted with the highly skeptical reaction among pundits and political observers to Barr’s complaints about the president. And while the DOJ did decide not to prosecute McCabe, a favorite target of Trump’s, news broke on Friday that the attorney general took the extraordinary step of appointing an outside U.S. Attorney to review Flynn’s guilty plea and interview the FBI investigators to probe for misconduct.

“I’m going to make a declaration about Mr. Barr a little later in the show,” Ford began. “I think if there were those who were worried about the fairness of this institution and this department under this president, it can be, you can have a little relief this week.”

“You’ve got McCabe, you’ve got Flynn, you got the attorney general coming out and saying ‘Hey, ease up on the tweets so I can do my job,'” Ford said. “It raises the level of confidence in the Justice Department, particularly for Democrats, who had been worried that, perhaps, Mr. Barr was the personal attorney for the president. I think he has shown this week, he’s never believed that, but certainly demonstrated that or at least gave Democrats some points of data that would suggest that’s not true.”

“I wish you were back in Congress,” Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt gushed, before Baier weighed in to note that many Democrats in Congress were, contrary to Ford’s rosy appraisal, calling for the resignation of impeachment of Barr.

“I didn’t understand that from some of the senators, I though that was a little out of line,” Ford quickly responded. “He won’t resign obviously,” Ford added. “So we won’t have to worry about that.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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