Fox Anchor Claims ‘We Don’t Know’ If GOP Reps Brought Phones Into Secure Area Despite Four Fox News Reports Saying They Did


Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer claimed “we don’t know” that multiple Republican congressman brought phones into a Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) — in violation of security protocols — despite copious video, photographic, and audio evidence, and four Fox News reports, showing that they did.

On Thursday morning’s edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, contributor Jessica Tarlov pointed out that when Republican lawmakers stormed a secure hearing room on Wednesday, they violated security rules barring electronic devices from such facilities.

“Can I say something about the SCIF?” Tarlov said. “Not only is it a national security breach to bring electronic devices in there…”

“We don’t know that that happened,” Hemmer interrupted.

“We do know that it happened,” Tarlov began, but Hemmer interrupted again, claiming “We are told they left their phones outside.”

He then noted the existence of video showing the lawmakers “walking through the door” with their cellphones, and co-host Sandra Smith said some of the lawmakers had FitBit watches on, excusing this as “an oversight.”

Hemmer’s observation about video evidence of the violation — which itself appears to contradict his own claim that “we don’t know” if phones were brought into the room — is correct, that video was circulated on Twitter:

There was also one member who literally broadcast on his phone from inside the facility, and several others who tweeted first-person accounts from inside the room — sonme later transparently claiming those texts were “from staff.”

Another member who was in that room admitted to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Wednesday night, that he’d brought his phone in with him, but claimed it wasn’t on.

“Still a violation,” Cuomo noted.

But if Hemmer didn’t believe CNN or his own eyes and ears, surely he could have given some weight to… Fox News’ own reporting. Three separate times on Wednesday, the network reported, on-air, that the congressmen had taken their phones into the SCIF.

All three reports cited reporter Chad Pergram, and noted that the bringing of those devices into the secure facility was a “major” and “big no-no.”

And later that evening, Pergram tweeted about the violation again, contradicting the denials that Hemmer cited:

Watch the clips above, via Fox News and CNN.

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