Gaetz Dismisses Question from CNN About Scandal: Your Network Trying to ‘Propagandize Lies About Me’


Florida Representative Matt Gaetz had a tense confrontation with CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju at the Capitol Building where Gaetz accused CNN of publishing lies about him.

Gaetz has been at the center of a scandal after it was revealed that the Justice Department was investigating him on sex trafficking charges. On Tuesday night, it was revealed that an indicted Gaetz ally has been coperating with the DOJ since last year.

When asked about the breaking news by CNN, Gaetz brought up his essay in the Washington Examiner and said, “Check out the work your network has done to propagandize lies about me. I think that really oughta concern you, Manu. You’ve always considered yourself a real journalist, but that doesn’t strike me as real journalism.”

Gaetz defended his statement on Twitter continuing to attack CNN:

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