GOP Group Launches $1M Campaign to Flood Lou Dobbs and Fox & Friends With Ads Insisting on Fair Impeachment Trial


The GOP organization “Republicans for the Rule of Law” is launching a new $1 million campaign aimed at bringing forward witnesses and a “fair impeachment trial” of President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate.

The million-dollar ad campaign buyout — featuring two separate adds calling for witnesses — will air nationally on Fox New channel’s morning show Fox & Friends and on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight. The group is pledging that the ads will be on “every day next week.”

Mediate has previously reported on ads that the organization has released, including one that depicts former National Security advisor John Bolton with his mouth taped shut while President Trump lurks in the background.

The ads from the steadfastly anti-Trump organization will also be pushed on billboards in states, including Utah, Maine, Tennessee, Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona.

The billboards include calling out Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Mitt Romney, Senator Martha McSally, and Senator Cory Gardner.

Digital billboards will be deployed by the group in the state’s capitals over the coming weeks by the group, which is led by Bill Kristol.

Kristol stated in a press release obtained by Mediaite that “the Constitution charges the Senate with ‘the sole Power to try all impeachments.’ But the Senate can’t try an impeachment without a trial, and there’s no such thing as a trial without evidence.”

“We commend Sens. Romney, Collins, and any others who will join them in insisting on rules for a full and fair trial that would allow both sides to call witnesses and would allow for necessary documents to be produced,” Kristol stated.

Carson Putnam, the Chief of Communications for Republicans for the Rule of Law told Mediaite that “more than a few Republican senators are looking for a way to do the right thing, to call witnesses, and to ensure the Senate holds a fair trial.”

“But there’s a lot of pressure from the White House to abandon their responsibility, ignore the Constitution, and submit to party dogma. We want to let them know that there are still Republicans out there – more than is typically acknowledged, and more than the White House would like to admit – who expect our leaders to lead, to maintain the integrity of the Senate, and to stand for the rule of law,” Putnam concluded.

You can watch the ads above.

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