Investors Rage at Financial App Robinhood for Cutting Off Trades of GameStop: ‘Turns Out Free Market Isn’t So Free After All’


Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

The stock market frenzy and chaos created mainly by the actions of members of Reddit’s “WallStreetBets” subreddit continued to ignite on Thursday after day trading app Robinhood halted all purchasing of GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings shares.

Investors on social media were outraged at Robinhood for what they believed to be stacking the deck against mom and pop stock purchasers. In a statement, Robinhood cited “recent volatility” for the reason it suspended purchases. Investors are being allowed to close out their positions in the impacted stocks.

Fox Business host Charles Payne‘s explosive Wednesday rant, and CNBC’s epic clash of guest and host, demonstrate the news market volatility of the story, which is framed as Little Guy vs. Evil Corporations or Internet Trolls vs. Responsible Traders, depending on which host you’re talking about.

After news broke Wednesday about the restrictions by Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and others, Twitter erupted in apoplexy, outrage, and snark.

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