Jen Psaki Reveals Surprising Details About Secret Letter That Trump Left for Biden


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed a few tantalizing details about the letter former President Donald Trump left for President Joe Biden in the Oval Office as he reluctantly left office.

Psaki was a guest on the Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast recently, where she took host and The West Wing alum Rob Lowe and his audience inside some bits of living history that included the moment the president read the letter that Trump left for him, whose exact contents are still unknown.

The president has not shared the letter publicly except to say that it was “generous,” and Psaki held to the spirit of Biden’s wish to leave the letter private.

But Psaki did reveal that she was the one who alerted the president to the letter’s existence, and was there as he read it for the first time. She gave listeners an over-the-shoulder description of the letter and its “lovely” handwriting:

PSAKI: On my first day before I did my first briefing, I was in the Oval Office, talking with him about the briefing and anything he wanted me to convey or what I expected or whatever. And I said, You know, I think you’re going to be asked about the letter that the former president left you and he said, “Oh, did he leave me a letter?”

And I was like, Am I telling him he was left a letter? I don’t know, OK? So I said, I think so. I think, I think that’s what happened. So he kind of looked around for the letter and read the letter while I was sitting there, which was just kind of a remarkable moment. No, he didn’t read aloud. He read it to himself. And he is such a classy guy, whether people agree with his politics or not, that he didn’t even convey it to us in that moment of what the letter said, he kind of read the letter consumed it himself.

LOWE: We still don’t know what was in the letter.

PSAKI: It was long.

LOWE: Really…

PSAKI: Yeah, it was very long of the script from where I could see was very lovely. But I don’t know what was in the letter, but yeah, that was one of my early memories.

Trump has also spoken generally about the letter, while continuing to insist he did not lose the election.

Watch above via Literally! With Rob Lowe.

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