JUST IN: Impeachment Report Reveals Multiple Calls Between Giuliani, Indicted Pal Lev Parnas, and Devin Nunes


One notable aspect of the impeachment report released today by House Intel Committee Democrats is the call logs they obtained.

On Aug. 8 of this year, Rudy Giuliani apparently “texted several times with a number associated with the White House.” They were “unable to identify” who it was, but Giuliani ended up being called by “someone using a telephone number associated with the Office of Management and Budget.”

Another call log identifies “OMB Phone Number” as trying to call Giuliani back in April, in a chain listing calls that took place on the 12th, including calls between Lev Parnas and Victoria Toensing, Parnas and John Solomon, Parnas and Giuliani, Parnas and Devin Nunes, and Giuliani and a White House phone number. The call logs also show Giuliani and Nunes speaking two days prior. The impeachment report notes

The calls are detailed in the section of the report concerning the “smear campaign” against Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, noting opinion pieces written by Solomon on Ukraine in April.

On MSNBC this afternoon, Ari Melber brought up the call logs and asked, “What does Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for the President of the United States, need to do with the Office of Management and Budget?”

“That goes to one of the central questions in this entire alleged plot, which is was Rudy Giuliani illicitly involved in extorting a favor from the Ukrainians?” Melber continued.

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