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Kellyanne Conway Defends Tucker Carlson’s Rant: White Supremacy Gets ‘Outsized Coverage’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defended Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s rant about the white supremacy “hoax” by saying that while she believes the problem is “real,” it gets “outsized coverage” compared to “all forms of hate.”

On this week’s edition of Sinclair’s America This Week, host Eric Bolling asked Conway if she agreed with Carlson’s comments — in which he claimed that white supremacy is a “hoax” that is “actually not a real problem in America” — and asked if she agreed.

“We do our best to be fair and balanced and unbiased, so I have to ask you this question,” Bolling said. “Tucker Carlson said that white supremacy is a quote unquote hoax. Is it?”

Conway began by saying “I think white supremacy is real here,” but then quickly resorted to alternative facts, telling Bolling “I looked at the testimony of FBI director Chris Wray from July 23rd, it got scant attention because the next day, drum roll please, Bob Mueller was going to be testifying, so everybody was on TV pretending we knew what Bob Mueller was going to say and do instead of covering the FBI director informing the nation that under our watch, prosecutions and arrests of domestic terrorists are way up, including white supremacy, but other forms of hate also.”

Wray’s comments were, in fact, covered extensively by Mediaite, as well as on CNN and MSNBC, according to a search of TV news transcripts. And what Wray actually said was “a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of white, what you might call white supremacist violence, but it includes other things as well.”

And in May, FBI Assistant Director Michael C. McGarrity  testified that “Individuals adhering to racially motivated violent extremism ideology have been responsible for the most lethal incidents.”

“So it is real,” Conway continued, but then launched into a defense of Carlson’s rant.

“I think perhaps what Tucker is saying, but you’d have to ask him, is that the outsized coverage it gets versus all forms of hate,” Conway said, citing Antifa  — which has killed zero people — and anti-Semitism — which is a form of White Supremacy — “and all forms of hate have to really, they have to be reined in, we have to look at the motivations, we have to try to keep firearms out of the hands of those who are capable of doing such evil.”

This is not at all what Carlson said, but Conway’s premise is that Carlson’s rant — delivered days after the white supremacist murders of 23 people in El Paso — was intended to highlight the “outsized coverage” that white supremacy gets. And she supports that premise just seconds after falsely complaining that Chris Wray’s testimony about rampant white supremacy got “scant attention.”

Watch the full interview above, via Sinclair.

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