LISTEN: Hot Mic Picks Up Giggles On Fox News as Network Cuts Away from Trump Stumbling Over His Words at NJ Rally


A hot mic picked up the unmistakable sound of giggles on Fox News as the network abruptly cut away from President Donald Trump while he stumbled over his words during a New Jersey re-election rally.

During the 7:00 hour of its Tuesday night broadcast, the network had pre-empted The Story with Martha MacCallum to show parts of Trump’s rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. During a portion where he talked about his restrictionist immigration policies, the president again attacked Democrats for supporting sanctuary cities in the face of widespread deportations. And as he began to specifically target the opposition party, Trump, reading off a TelePrompTer, appeared to badly mangle the word “criminal” before simply abandoning the sentence.

“No American should ever be hurt, harmed, or killed because left-wing politicians, Democrats, decided shield and shelter crimin-cle — look, look, wait,” Trump said.

At that point, the audio feed of the broadcast clearly picked up the sound of laughter over a live microphone, suggesting the giggles came from somewhere in the Fox studio rather than ambient noise at the rally.

Only a second or two later, MacCallum broke in to segue Fox coverage away from the rally, but she did not address the audible giggles or their possible source and instead began to immediately turn to her panel of guests for comment. “Alright, we are watching the president in Wildwood, New Jersey,” MacCallum said in a brisk, business-like tone. “I want to get a quick comment before we toss it over to Tucker [Carlson.]

Any possible mockery of Trump would prove to be especially embarrassing for the network, as the president has become increasingly disillusioned by what he deems as its disloyalty to his administration. On Tuesday morning, he angrily tweeted out criticism of “really pathetic” Fox News for daring to host a Democratic senator on air to discuss Trump’s Senate trial for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges. The president went on to warn “this will be the beginning of the end for Fox.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


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