Macron Cites U.S. Election Interference to Say Russia ‘Can’t Be Invited Back to G7’ … After Trump Says They Should Be

French President Emmanuel Macron shot down President Donald Trump’s call to have Russia readmitted to the G-7.

“You have to have unanimity to invite a new member around the table,” Macron pointed out. “It’s a decision of the invited countries to invite a country as a guest. But the decision to invite them  to join or rejoin has to be unanimous.”

Today, Trump said he would “certainly” invite Russian President Vladimir Putin as a guest to next year’s G-7 summit. He added that Putin may not “psychologically” want to attend after Russia was kicked out in 2014 for the annexation of Crimea.

Macron pointed to Russia’s election interference as well as the Ukrainian crisis as grounds to keep Russia out of the economic alliance. He said that he and Trump agreed that it was important to talk to Russia, although, because of their involvement in “regional crises,” such as in Syria and Libya.

The French president said that he would be having discussions with Russia and Germany in Normandy format.

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