Never Trump Pundit Rick Wilson Sparks Outrage With ‘#BeInfected’ Joke Aimed at Melania Trump


Never-Trump pundit Rick Wilson sparked outrage late on Wednesday night after posting a tweet responding to a story about First Lady Melania Trump set to speak publicly about the coronavirus with the hashtag “#BeInfected.”

The frequent CNN and MSNBC guest’s joke aimed at mocking Melania Trump’s #BeBest cyberbullying initiative sparked a quick backlash on Twitter.

Explaining his joke Thursday morning, Wilson billed it as “a riff on ‘BeBest’ and it’s utter failure in the face of her husband’s continued role as Global Troll in Chief and National Bully.”

Following the joke aimed at the First Lady, conservatives on Twitter ripped into Wilson:

Wilson fired back at critics, going on the attack against anyone who called him out.

TPUSA’s Chief Creative Officer and former Buzzfeed journalist Benny Johnson called Wilson “scum of the earth,” but quickly was dunked on for his habitual plagiarism.

Wilson continued to fire back at critics of his “#BeInfected” remark:

UPDATE – 6:52 PM EST: In a statement to Mediaite, Wilson stated the following: “Since there’s a lot of slowness in understanding humor in Trump world, the use of the hashtag was an ironic callback to her role in ending online bullying while her husband the Troll-in-Chief and First Bully does what he does without a raised eyebrow. If Melania has a role to play in COVID response with the same success as ‘#BeBest’, we might as well stock up on more body bags. If I’d wanted to wish COVID on Melania, I’d have said it outright. You might have noticed I don’t pull a lot of punches.”

“Interestingly, not one of the Trump-right media organs who ran with this story – not ONE — contacted me for context or comment. Says a lot,” Wilson concluded.

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