New Pew Survey Finds Americans Consider Made-Up News a Bigger Problem Than Terrorism

Pew Fake News Survey

A new Pew survey finds that many Americans consider made-up news to be a bigger problem than issues like terrorism and climate change.

In the survey, reported by Axios this morning, 50 percent of respondents said made-up news is a very big problem.

This ranks between 49 percent who said the same about violent crime and 51 percent who said “gap between rich & poor” are big problems.

More people consider made-up news a big problem than consider terrorism (34 percent), climate change (46 percent), and illegal immigration (38 percent) big problems.

The survey shows a majority of respondents blame political leaders and activist groups for made-up news, while 53 percent say the news media itself has the biggest responsibility to tamp down on it.

If you look at some of the results by party, a majority of Republicans blame journalists for creating made-up news––58 percent––compared to only 20 percent of Democrats.

You can read the full results here.

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