Politico Reporter Apologizes for Reposting Sexist Kamala Harris Meme After Hours of Defending It and Getting Dragged


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Politico reporter Marc Caputo apologized for and deleted his retweet of an offensive meme attacking Vice President Kamala Harris, but only after spending several hours defending himself from intense online criticism, and the meme as “funny.”

On Friday, Caputo retweeted a meme from a now-locked Twitter account that featured a photo of a scantily-clad model who had posted the picture with the caption “Sitting,” and which was re-captioned “Kamala Harris on the Senate’s $15/hour minimum wage legislation.”

Activist and guest Mediaite columnist Reecie Colbert posted a screenshot of the offensive meme and criticizing it as racist and sexist.

The theme of the offending meme is progressive critics’ idea that VP Harris can unilaterally decide the fate of the $15 an hour minimum wage provision that will likely be stripped from the Senate version of the Covid relief package on procedural grounds.

After retweeting the meme, Caputo parried several criticisms from Twitter users making similar criticisms.

“I’m glad you think misogynoir is funny you lowlife,” wrote a user named Michelle B. Young.

In reply, Caputo wrote “1) that’s not this,” and cracked “2) who intentionally follows a “low life”?”

Then, in another reply thread, he called the meme funny and mocked the criticism, writing “It was funny. But as I’ve said before: Twitter is where humor goes to die of abuse and neglect”.

Caputo defended the post, and taunted critics, for hours.

Finally, Caputo announced he had deleted his retweet, writing “I’ve un-retweeted an image from a viral meme concerning Kamala Harris. Forwarding that tweet was a lapse in judgment that I regret.”

As another user noted, however, that “viral meme” hadn’t exactly racked up monster stats.

Caputo has thus far not deleted his responses to the criticism that was levelled against him.

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