Rep. Matt Gaetz Wants to ‘Hunt’ Down Antifa Like Terrorists ‘In the Middle East’ (UPDATE: Twitter Adds Warning Label)

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called for members of Antifa to be hunted down like terrorists “in the Middle East” on Monday, as America remains gripped by social unrest over the death of George Floyd.

As protests and calls for justice were overshadowed by rioters, looters and property damage, Trump and other conservatives have been focused on assigning blame for the chaos rather than addressing protesters’ grievances or calling for national unity. This has been topped off by Trump vowing to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

As we have previously noted, it’s unclear how declaring Antifa a terror organization would work since its a domestic ideological movement with no real leader, no organizational structure, nor a list of membership. Nonetheless, Gaetz got on Twitter and asked “can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East?

And here’s the double-down less than 10 minutes later.

UPDATE — 9:00 pm ET: Twitter has now added a warning label to Gaetz’s tweet:

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