Rudy Giuliani, After Denying It, Concedes His Office Asked For $20k Per Day From Trump


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President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, after denying that he ever sought to be paid $20,000 per day for his legal advice from the Trump campaign following the 2020 election, has now admitted that an associate asked the Trump campaign for that amount, but maintained he was personally unaware of the request.

In a new report out from The New York Times’ , Giuliani admitted that his associate Maria Ryan emailed the Trump campaign seeking the hefty daily pay for Giuliani.

According to the Times, Giuliani claims that when the email was sent, he was unaware of the ask.

“Mr. Giuliani acknowledged in a brief phone interview that his associate, Maria Ryan, had sent the email shortly after Election Day. But he maintained that she consulted with another associate, Larry Levy, about what Mr. Giuliani should ask for from the campaign while Mr. Giuliani was out of town,” the Times reported on Friday night.

As of Friday night, when the Times asked Giuliani, he stated that he doesn’t want to be paid for his legal work after Election Day, which entailed attempting to overturn the 2020 election on Trump’s behalf.

“I never had a single expectation of being paid a penny,” Giuliani told the Times. “I feel extremely bad that I’m portrayed as some kind of money-grubbing ambulance chaser.”

Giuliani added that he represented Trump out of his “sense of commitment.”

“I represented him out of my sense of commitment,” Giuliani continued. “I didn’t see anything about this that was going to lead to great wealth. I did see a lot about this that was going to lead to great torture.”

As the Times reported back in November, Giuliani denied ever seeking a $20,000 per day salary.

“I never asked for $20,000,” Giuliani told the Times. “The arrangement is, we’ll work it out at the end,” he added at the time.

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