Rudy Giuliani, in Wild Fox News Interview: My Mission Is to ‘Disrupt the World’


Rudy Giuliani summarily dismissed as false Kurt Volker’s testimony to Congress about the pair’s conversations on Ukraine and Joe Biden and bizarrely declared that his mission as President Donald Trump’s lawyer is to “disrupt the world” in a wild Fox News interview.

Speaking with Fox host Martha MacCallum, Giuliani quickly tried to cast doubts on the damning text messages that Volker, the former US emissary to Ukraine, provided to the House just the day before. And in what has become his signature style for media appearance, the former New York City mayor also directly contradicted himself while making bold, bizarre, and baseless claims.

“We heard from Kurt Volker yesterday. He’s been around a long time, he’s spent a lot of time in Ukraine, he said that Joe Biden never did anything wrong,” MacCallum said, reading from his opening statement testimony.

“He wouldn’t know that,” Giuliani shot back.

“I’m just telling you what he said,” MacCallum pointed out. “He believes that you were being spun.”

“Kurt never said it to me,” Giuliani responded.

“It’s all in his transcript.”

“He never said it to me, I don’t know what’s in his transcript,” Giuliani reiterated.

According to Volker’s Congressional testimony, he had a brief phone call with Giuliani in May 2019, just before the latter’s planned trip to Ukraine. “I reached out to brief him before his visit,” Volker told Congress, “specifically, to tell him that [Yuriy] Lutsenko is not credible and will be replaced once a new government takes office.” Lutsenko had been one of Giuliani’s sources alleging corruption by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter — allegations that the Ukrainian prosecutor has since recanted.

Later on, MacCallum had a head-scratching exchange with Giuliani where he praised, then backtracked on Trump’s ability to root out corruption in Ukraine and then offered a ponderous answer to his shifting roles from Trump lawyer to diplomatic emissary.

“Let me ask the question, the State Department and all these diplomats who have a lot of experience in Ukraine and spent many years there, who feel very differently about this situation than you do. They don’t see under the rocks what you don’t see under the rocks,” she noted.

“Maybe Donald Trump is going to fix it all, because he’s a disruptive president who knows how to break up the swamp,” Giuliani countered. “Donald Trump is going to fix it. The reason he’s President of United States and they are just walking around with their suits on and haven’t done a damn thing about corruption, in the Ukraine, contribute to it. Do you know what they say in the Ukraine when we talk about corruption? They say ‘Bull!’ You had Joe Biden pulling down millions. Don’t you think an American president has to crack that open and do you think he’s crack it open with the very diplomats who couldn’t find it in the first place?”

“Maybe President Trump is going to solve all the corruption in Ukraine…” MacCallum began.

“No he’s not,” Giuliani scoffed.

“You just said he was!” MacCallum shot back.

“He’s going to solve the American corruption,” Giuliani claimed.

“You just said that, I was just repeating what you said.” she pointed out before switching gears.

“A lot of people look at this situation and say ‘What exactly you are doing in this situation?’ We have a State Department, we have ambassadorial level that’s involved in all of this. Why are you, the president’s personal attorney, what is your personal — what’s your mission?

“To disrupt the world,” Giuliani gravely intoned. “My mission is to defend my client in the best traditions of the legal profession.”

“So it’s in the interest of your client to find out what happened with Joe Biden and Burisma, not the country?” MacCallum pressed.

“Please, that’s a mischaracterization, Martha,” Giuliani complained. “It’s the best interest of my client to unravel the corruption in the Ukraine, which involved mostly collusion in the election into which Joe Biden inserted himself.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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