Stephanie Grisham Says Fox News Helped Trump Inspire Jan. 6 Rioters: ‘I Feel Horribly Guilty About’ Appearing on Fox


Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told CNN’s John Berman and Brianna Keilar that Fox News was a compliant disseminator of Trump talking points to an audience that included the January 6 rioters.

On Tuesday morning’s edition of New Day, Grisham sat for a multi-segment interview on her new book I’ll Take Your Questions Now, which covered her briefing-free time as Trump’s chief spokesperson.

Along the way, Keilar focused on the rival network, asking Grisham “What was the role of Fox News in the White House?”

“That’s a great question,” Grisham said, and told Keilar that the network was “just where we went to get what we wanted out.”

“You know, I looked forward to going and doing Lou Dobbs because Lou Dobbs would do all the talking about how great everything was, and I would just nod and say yes,” Grisham said, adding that Fox hosts “by and large, didn’t get tough with us. They just took what we were saying and disseminated it.”

Lou Dobbs is no longer at Fox Business.

“And I think they’re disseminating it to a lot of people who went… went to the Capitol for January 6 and I, you know, again, I’ve had a lot of time to grapple with this and I feel horribly guilty about — about my part in it because I was on Fox a lot,” Grisham said.

“Was it, to you, like state-run TV for Donald Trump?” Keilar asked, but Grisham would not quite fully make that leap.

“You know, a bit,” Grisham said, but added, “I think there are some legitimate journalists at Fox News who would ask some tough questions, so I don’t want to as a whole paint them. But I think, certainly in the evening, yes, it was.”

She went on to say that networks like OAN are much closer than Fox to being “state-run media” for Trump.

Earlier in the interview, Grisham also copped to having “probably” lied on Fox News’ air, but did not provide examples.

Watch above via CNN.

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