Trump Campaign Mocked for Selling $15 Straws to Own the Libs


President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is being roundly mocked for selling $15 packs of plastic straws on the basis that “liberal paper straws don’t work.”

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign rolled out the suckiest (literally) campaign merchandise imaginable by telling supporters that Liberal paper straws don’t work,” and urging them to “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today!”

The product page boasts that the straws are “Reusable & Recyclable,” are nine inches long, and are “laser engraved,” all for the low price of $15 bucks per pack of ten.

Not everyone on Twitter was thrilled with the idea of putting a  nine-inch Trump tube in their mouths. Mockery ensued.

The straws, like everything Trump, even got fact-checked:

Others pointed out that their are better ways to expend your drinking implement budget.

But if the Trump presidency has taught us anything, there is no such thing as a last straw.

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