Trump Falsely Quotes Nancy Pelosi Following Fox News’ Distorted Impeachment Report


In a late night tweet, President Donald Trump attacked Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry by falsely quoting a distorted paraphrase of the Speaker’s comments that had just been broadcast by Fox News anchor Mike Emanuel.

At 12:15am EST Tuesday, Trump tweeted out a false claim about Pelosi, using quotes around the comment: “It is dangerous to let the voters decide Trump’s fate” and then adding “@FoxNews” to signal where he heard it.

Pelosi never said those words.

But just over an hour before, at 11:08 pm EST, Fox’s Emanuel did say those exact words, in a misleading and truncated summary of Pelosi’s comments to fellow House Democrats in a  “Dear Colleague” letter circulated on Monday morning. In it, Pelosi wrote: “The weak response to these hearings has been, ‘Let the election decide.’ That dangerous position only adds to the urgency of our action, because the president is jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

While Emanuel did not say he was directly quoting Pelosi on air, his paraphrase did strip out her key context about the 2020 elections: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi circulated a memo to Democrats tonight’s telling them it would be dangerous to let voters decide President Trump’s fate when it comes to the Ukraine investigation.”

Trump then falsely claimed to his millions of followers on Twitter that this was a verbatim quote from Pelosi, when actually it was the words of a Fox News anchor.

Trump’s fabrication was picked up by some media watchers, like CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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