‘Vile’: Twitter STUNNED When Trump Adviser Stephen Moore Calls Coronavirus Protesters ‘Modern-Day Rosa Parks’


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Stephen A. Moore, a member of the “Opening Our Country Council” announced by Trump this week, drew fierce backlash for saying that demonstrators protesting social distancing measures are like civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who was arrested for refusing to obey a racist segregation law.

On Friday, The Washington Post published an article in which Moore compared the protesters — some of whom carried Confederate flags and signs featuring swastikas — explicitly with Rosa Parks:

“I think there’s a boiling point that has been reached and exceeded,” said Stephen Moore, a conservative economist. Moore is a member of both the White House council to reopen the country and a coalition of conservative leaders and activists seeking to push government officials to relax stay-at-home orders.

“I call these people the modern-day Rosa Parks — they are protesting against injustice and a loss of liberties,” Moore said of the protesters.

The comparison drew stunned reactions from prominent Twitter users. Moore’s quote really blew up when Bill Kristol tweeted about it, calling it “strikingly stupid and deeply offensive.”

Journalists and other prominent figures piled on Moore, and defended the towering legacy of Rosa Parks.

Moore made similar comments on a Youtube show several days earlier, when he told Freedom on Tap’s John Caldera that he was helping to organize the protests, and saying “This is a great time, gentlemen and ladies, for civil disobedience. We need to be the Rosa Parks here and protest against these government injustices.”

Watch the video here (Not to mention another unbelievable clip of Moore).

In this case, Moore appears to be comparing himself to Rosa Parks, as well.

Vile, indeed.

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