White House Reporter Caught On Hot Mic After Pompeo-Mnuchin Presser: ‘God Almighty, That Was a Sh*tshow!’


One reporter summed up a press conference following the dismissal/resignation of President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton by exclaiming “God almighty, that was a shitshow!”

On Tuesday afternoon, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin took to the infrequently used Brady Briefing Room to be peppered by questions about Bolton’s departure.

Over the course of twelve chaotic minutes, reporters grilled the pair on the details of Bolton’s ouster, which Trump claims was a firing, but which Bolton says was a resignation. Pompeo planted his flag on Trump’s side, agreeing that Bolton resigned at Trump’s direction.

Pompeo also claimed not to have been surprised by the news, despite the fact that the White House scheduled Bolton to be at that briefing in an update that was posted at 10:55 this morning.

Mnuchin bristled at CNN’s Jim Acosta for asking “Is the national security team a mess?”, sputtering that the suggestion was “ridiculous” as Acosta noted the now-five different people who have held the post in the last three years.

And throughout the proceeding, reporters who have had precious few opportunities to ask questions at briefings this year shouted questions en masse at the two cabinet secretaries.

As Mnuchin and Pompeo left amid more shouted questions, one reporter could clearly be heard saying “God almighty, that was a shitshow!”

According to a White House reporter who was present at the briefing, that assessment was made by Washington Post White House correspondent Josh Dawsey.

Watch the clip above, via Time.

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