Watch: Danish Prime Minister is Surprised Trump Cancelled Visit … But Greenland Still Not For Sale


Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen reacted with “regret and surprise” to President Donald Trump cancellation of a planned trip to Denmark, but stood by her country’s position that Greenland is not for sale, and stressed the importance of the U.S./Denmark relationship.

On Wednesday afternoon, Frederiksen held a press conference on Trump’s decision to cancel his trip to Denmark citing their refusal to even talk about selling Greenland to the U.S., a suggestion that was roundly mocked when it was brought to light.

“It is with regret and surprise that I received the news that President Trump has canceled his state visit to Denmark on the 2nd and 3rd of September,” Frederiksen told reporters, adding “I had been looking forward to the visit, our preparations were well on her way.”

“It was an opportunity, I think, to celebrate Denmark’s close relationship to U.S., and who remains one of Denmark’s closest allies,” she continued, adding “I was looking forward to having a dialog on the many shared interest Denmark has with U.S.”

Frederiksen went on to say that our invitation for stronger cooperation on Arctic affairs still stands,” but then turned to the issue of the Greenland Purchase.

“A discussion, however, has been raised about a potential sale of Greenland,” Frederiksen said. “This has clearly been rejected by [Greenland Prime Minister] Kim Kielsen, a position that I share, of course.”

“This does not change the character of our good relations, and we will of course, from Denmark, continue our ongoing dialogue with the U.S. on how we can develop our cooperation and deal with the many common challenges we are facing,” she concluded.

Watch above, via IHR.

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