Danish Prime Minister Smacks Down Trump’s ‘Absurd’ Idea of Buying Greenland: ‘Not For Sale’

Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, has no interest in President Donald Trump’s idea of purchasing Greenland for the United States.

While Trump’s idea of buying the semi-autonomous Danish territory has been subject to much mockery over the last few days, the president confirmed his interest to reporters on Sunday, even though he said “It’s not Number 1 on the burner.” Frederiksen responded to the proposal during a trip to Greenland, calling it “an absurd discussion” and saying “I persistently hope that this is not something that is seriously meant.”

Frederiksen continued to face questions about this topic, insisting that her visit to Greenland has nothing to do with Trump’s purchasing idea. She also said “I totally agree with [Greenland Premier] Kim Kielsen that, of course, Greenland is not for sale.”

“By the way, Greenland is not Danish. Greenland is Greenlandic,” Frederiksen said. “Nielsen said it quite clear: Greenland will not be sold.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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