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John Oliver Hits First Lady in Rant on Trump and Greenland: ‘Greenland is Icy, Distant, and Semi-Autonomous’ … Like Melania


John Oliver swiped at First Lady Melania Trump during a rant about President Donald Trump‘s flirtation with purchasing Greenland.

While roasting the president over the idea on Sunday’s edition of Last Week Tonight, Oliver took a jab at the First Lady.

“Of course he did,” Oliver said of the president’s attempted purchase. “Greenland is icy, distant, and semi-autonomous. It’s exactly Trump’s type.”

A picture of Mr. and Mrs. Trump together was then flashed on screen — and was met with audience laughter.

The comic went on to snark about Greenland having to rebuff Trump’s efforts to buy them out.

“If you had two-and-a-half years in your office pool of ‘when a world leader would have to tell Trump you can’t buy our country,’ congratulations, you’re a big winner,” Oliver said.

After segueing into criticism of Trump’s reaction to the Hong Kong protests, Oliver wrapped the segment by taking a shot at another member of the first family.

“Until his term ends, we’re all just going to have to live with the fact that we now have a president who looks at America’s allies and says, ‘Go fuck yourselves,’ looks at Russia’s interference in our election and says, ‘No big deal,’ and looks at Greenland and says, ‘Two hundred dollars and Don Jr. Final offer.’”

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