WATCH: Joe Biden Scoring Sweet Touchdowns in High School


Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was a star football player in high school, and what better way is there to celebrate Super Bowl week than watching game films of the then-future veep scoring sweet touchdown after sweet touchdown?

In fact, there’s a collection of Archmere Academy game films — narrated by then-quarterback Bill Peterman and chock full of charmingly low-tech production, really loud unlicensed music, and some fancy dance moves by Peterman at the end — that has been sitting on YouTube since 2010, the year that Peterman and his former teammates met to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their undefeated season. But the clip has gone largely unnoticed, and as of writing this, has been viewed by just over a thousand people.

Peterman narrates portions of the video with pride and affection, but when he reminisced about that season in a 2010 interview, he couldn’t resist breaking Biden’s chops a little:

At Archmere, they were on both ends of 19 touchdown passes.

“Well, I threw him 20 touchdown passes and he caught 19,’’ Peterman said, getting his needle sharpened for the party. “He remembers that one he didn’t catch. He went on a post route and was wide open, and it hit him right in his hands. And, for some reason,he lost focus and he still remembers it.’’

When the team broke bread at the 40th anniversary soiree, that was the first thing Biden mentioned.

“Do you remember that one I dropped,’’ Peterman said, relaying Biden’s words.

“Yes,’’ Peterman said.

“Against what school?’’ Biden continued.

“St. Andrews,’’ Peterman said.

“You got it,’’ Biden added.

When Biden moved to Delaware from Scranton, Pennsylvania as a child, his family lived in a house across the street from Archmere, and Biden dreamt of one day attending the school.

Biden began attending Archmere Academy the same year the school admitted its first black student, Francis Hutchins Jr., who was also a teammate of Biden’s. As Peterman notes in the video, Biden wrote about his experiences playing football at the school in his book Promises to Keep.

Watch the video above via Youtube.

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