WATCH: Michael Moore Mocks Kamala Harris By Rapping Her Student Debt Plan To Spasmodic White Clapping


Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore mocked California Senator Kamala Harris by rapping the Democratic presidential candidate’s student debt relief plan to a hooting audience that clapped along, apparently from a variety of different space-time continua.

Moore hosted the members of Chapo Trap House — podcast hosts Will Menaker, Matt Christman, and Virgil Texas — for “An Evening with Michael Moore” on Friday night, as part of the Traverse City Film Festival.

In an all-too-brief clip posted by Twitter user Alex Alsup, Moore can be seen rap-bellowing the text of Harris’ plan, as white people clap along to several different beats at once, and yet no beat.

It was the whitest thing since they sang “Sweet Caroline” on Albino Karaoke Night, while eating potato salad with golden raisins in it.

Frequent cable news contributor and Democratic consultant Jimmy Williams was among the Twitter users who were unamused by the spectacle.

Other Twitter users made unkind remarks of a more personal nature, such asIt smells like sour baloney in there. I’m certain of it.”

The proposal that Moore mocks would provide for $20,000 of student debt cancellation for Pell Grant recipients who start a business in a disadvantaged community, and maintain that business for at least three years. Harris has other proposals to address the cost of higher education, such as tuition-free community college and “debt-free” four-year college.

Harris’ debt forgiveness proposal is far less generous than plans offered by Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — who wants to cancel all — and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose debt forgiveness plan would only be available to families making less than $250,000 a year.

Watch the clip above, via Alex Alsup.

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