WATCH: NY Cop Violently Throws Woman to Ground — Then She Posts Video From Her Hospital Bed


A woman named Dounya Zayer was violently thrown to the ground by a police officer during protests in New York over the police killing of George Floyd, and the incident was captured on video — including commentary by Zayer from her hospital bed.

The nationwide unrest over the killing of Mr. Floyd — which has resulted in a third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin, one of the officers involved in the death — has produced many stunning and disturbing viral video moments.

One such moment began with Zayer being told to get out of the Brooklyn street where she was protesting, after which she says he threw her phone.

Seconds later, in a scene that was captured from multiple angles, the officer violently threw Zayer to the ground, reportedly while calling her a “stupid fucking bitch.”

And in a sign of the social media times, Zayer then posted video commentary about the incident — from her hospital bed.

By Saturday morning, Zayer’s story was among those being reported on cable news.

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