WATCH: Trump Deliberately Mispronounces Kamala Harris, Says She’s ‘No Mike Pence’


President Donald Trump took a few shots at Senator and Democratic presidential nominee Kamala Harris during a rally, deliberately butchering the pronunciation of her name and remarking that she’s “no Mike Pence.”

Trump held a rally in Newport News, Virginia Friday night during which he hit all the familiar notes with his mostly-maskless crowd of supporters, but also took some charged shots at Senator Harris.

Toward the beginning of the rally, Trump thanked his opening act, Vice President Mike Pence, and invoked “Ka-MAH-la” Harris, saying “Ka-MAH-la, Ka-MAH-la, is no Mike Pence,” as the audience booed the first Black woman to be nominated as vice president.

The mispronunciation of Senator Harris’ name has been singled out by many commentators as an unsubtle racist way of diminishing the historic pick.

David Love of The Grio, for example, wrote:

Why is it that Republicans and conservatives in the GOP bubble can’t seem to properly pronounce Kamala Harris’ name, or don’t seem to care what they call her?

For the record, it’s pronounced “‘comma-la.”

Unfortunately, considering these folks who have no shortage of experience calling Black women out of their name and disrespecting them in general, this is to be expected. Nonetheless, it is offensive and outrageous.

Just like they did to Obama, the Republicans are turning the senator and Democratic vice-presidential nominee into the “other,” the “foreigner” with the funny-sounding name. Considering the source, that is predictable. And that is 100% unadulterated racism.

Later in the rally, Trump removed all doubt as to whether the slight was deliberate.

“”Ka-MAH-la, you know if you pronounce her name wrong she goes crazy, Ka-MAH-la, like a comma,” Trump said, then added the befuddling apparent burn “She’s like a comma.”

Watch the clip above via Fox Business.

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