WATCH: Trump Staffer and Former Russia Today Makeup Artist YELLS at Reporters to Get Out of Cabinet Meeting


White House staffer and former Russia Today makeup artist Katie Price screamed at reporters as she hustled them out of a cabinet meeting after President Donald Trump fielded several questions.

As Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams testified in the ongoing impeachment hearings, Trump fielded several questions at the tail end of a cabinet meeting Tuesday. But the Trump press shop appeared anxious to shut things down.

After Trump fielded a few questions, NBC News’ Hallie Jackson tried to ask Trump “Will you testify” at the impeachment proceedings, but Price stepped in front of her and tried to shut the whole thing down.

Trump ignored Jackson — and Price — but took another question about trade. When Trump finished that answer, reporters tried to ask more questions, but Price got more aggressive.

“Press, we’re finished, let’s go!” Price screamed.

As the reporters continued to ask questions, Price shouted “Let’s go, make your way out! We’re finished.”

Jackson again tried to ask Trump if he will appear at the hearings, but Price said “Hallie, let’s go, come on, we’re finished. Come on, let’s go, keep moving! Come on, let’s go. Hallie, let’s go, come on.”

Price was formerly a makeup artist for Russian government-owned cable network RT America — as well as for CNN — before joining the Trump White House as a “production assistant” in 2017. Back when the White House press secretary still appeared on camera with regularity, Price split her duties between giving Sarah Huckabee Sanders that famous smoky eye and “wrangling” members of the press pool at photo ops like this cabinet meeting.

But current Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has yet to hold a televised press briefing, which apparently leaves Price with lots of time to practice hustling reporters away from Trump when the occasion demands it. For this, the American people pay Price $80 grand a year, up from $63.2k in 2018. Nice work if you can get it.

Watch the clip above, via Fox 45 Baltimore.

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