WATCH: Voter Who Scrapped with Biden Did NOT Call Him ‘Senile’ as Conservative Paper Reported, He Said the Opposite


The conservative Washington Examiner reported that an Iowa man who got into it with Joe Biden at a town hall meeting called the former VP “senile” after the event, but the video of that exchange with reporters shows the man said the exact opposite of that.

On Thursday, Biden got into a well-publicized spat with an as-yet-unidentified man at a town hall meeting when the man began to promote debunked claims about Ukraine. Biden called the man a “damn liar,” and responded to a critique of his age by challenging the man to tests of physical and mental prowess.

After the event, The Washington Examiner posted a video of the man getting into a verbal altercation with another attendee that stopped just short of the invocation of fist names. The paper also reported, without video, that the man told reporters that Biden as “senile.”

After the event, the man, who refused to give his name, told reporters after the confrontation that “[Biden] is so old, he’s senile anyhow” and encouraged Biden to drop out of the race. “It was all softball stuff, he don’t want to answer the hard stuff,” the voter added. “He’s been in the Congress all of his life, and all of these problems like high drug prices and all of that — where in the hell has he been for the last 50 years?”

But since then, CBS News has posted the video of the man’s exchange with reporters, and it turns out that he actually said the opposite.

Asked for his reaction to Biden’s aggressive response, the man said “That’s good. At least he’s not getting so old that he’s senile, anyhow.”

The man also told reporters that his first choice in the Democratic field is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, according to The New York Times.

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

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